Purpose-Driven Impact, Outcome-Driven Strategy

Our strength lies in non-linear, strategic thinking that translates complex concepts into actionable directives to eliminate friction points between you and your business goals.

Tenbar Group advises on strategy, management, capital raises and operations to social impact companies and investors at Seed and Series-A stages.

Capital Raising

Whether raising capital to rapidly scale impact-driven companies or grow assets for mission-focused funds, the Tenbar Group leverages a powerful and integrative narrative process. Blending storytelling, business acumen, and investment principles, our team collaborates with you to craft a clear, compelling value proposition to present to investors. Interdisciplinary and seamless, this approach can successfully secure a financing that makes dreams tangible.

Advisory Solutions

Regardless of where you are on your impact journey, our results-driven advisory services are designed to optimize your performance at every stage of your business. Having worked with numerous companies in diverse verticals, the Tenbar Group brings practical perspectives to day-to-day challenges, strategic and long-term planning, operational efficiencies and overall business strategy.

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Your impact mission is our passion. Let’s get started on creating transformational change.

Board Solutions

Tenbar Group leverages its depth of experience in leadership development, corporate finance, stakeholder management and asset growth to support your business and its organizational success. Drawing from hands-on knowledge, we bring oversight and guidance to a company’s senior leadership and management, be it CEO hiring and dismissal, new venture planning, approval, and monitoring, or crisis management.

Project Consulting

Tenbar Group supports your mission-driven initiatives through their full project lifecycles – from planning and implementation to monitoring and closing. Applying the principles of technology project management, we take on your projects and guide them to fruition, allowing you to focus on managing and growing your business.

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Tenbar Group’s  Four-Step Process


Roadmap & Benchmarks

Tenbar Group professionals develop a mutually agreed-upon comprehensive scope of engagement, establish deliverables, and develop a timeline for measurable objectives.

Information Assessment

We analyze information from interviews, pitch decks, financial statements, memorandums, regulatory documents, and more to garner perspective, context and depth.

Business Analysis

We look at the matter from all perspectives that might be pertinent to forming the best solution, including financial, compliance, operations, procedures, and legal.

Business Plan

We prepare and present an executive-level presentation with specific OKR/KPI aligned to the business. Our recommendations are prioritized to address immediate concerns and give a tenable plan to implement solutions.

What Founders Say About Tenbar

Don’t let the silver hair fool you—he may well be the world’s oldest Millennial. While drawing on his years of business and capital markets experience, Barnet maintains a fresh perspective, offers thorough analysis, and presents his trenchant observations with a combination of poise and quick wit. Consistently three steps ahead of where things are today, he brings clear, executable plans as to how to move the puck down the ice and into the goal.

Mike FaloonFounder and COO at Ready (YC S20)

Barnet had the vision to see where our company and its technology was going when we had just started and had only one state (Ohio) on our electronic trading platform. His unfailing support, encouragement, and advice over the years has been instrumental in our success. Now pricing approximately several hundred million in variable rate debt from several states and agencies on the Clarity Bidrate platform, his initial instincts proved prescient. Glad to have him on board as an Advisor.

Rob NovembreFounder and Chief Executive Officer, Clarity Bidrate

Barnet’s knowledge, insights and guidance in building out the School Improvement Partnership database, its metrics, and potential revenue generating applications across various distribution channels has literally expedited the company’s growth trajectory to months from what we thought would be years. His contribution as a member of our Board of Directors is akin to having a high-powered in-house consultant.

Alan WohlstetterESQ., Founder, CEO and President, School Improvement Partnership

When it comes to thoughtful, knowledgeable advice on ESG data and metrics for impact, Barnet is the first one I call. He consistently shows he is as deeply passionate as I to be factually and analytically accurate in developing ESG ratings, rankings, and weightings. Whether just bouncing around some general business ideas or carefully reasoning through a thorny problem, I consider him to be one of my most valuable advisors for ACRe Data.

John McLeanFounder and President, ACRe Data Inc.

Your impact mission is our passion. Let’s get started on creating transformational change.